Glitz and Glamour: Holiday Fashion at Its Finest!

We love these dresses!!

Project Motherhood: Diary of a New York City Mama

Dear Diary,

Whether you and your family get dressed up to celebrate the holidays in December, or sport a more relaxed look, it is still tons of fun to go shopping specifically for these events so that we are always dressed in our holiday best. As Mamas, we tend to think about making sure the little ones are camera ready, our husband’s dress shirt is ironed, while putting ourselves last. So, this year I wanted to give you all some fun ideas for pulling together last minute looks as well as some fun party dresses that are on my radar.

Last Minute Holiday Fashion

If you don’t have time to run out and find a whole new holiday dress in the perfect silhouette that suits your figure, that’s totally fine—and understandable! At this time of year we are busy with so much and in charge of remembering to do so many…

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