Keep Your Legs Covered

Gotta keep them legs warm and look super cute at the same time!!

Tights with spots, dots, flowers, psychedelic tights, sweater tights, etc, etc. What lady doesn’t own a pair of tights? At this point even men are sporting tights, yes, men too but let’s not dwell on that. I have at least 20 pair and I doubt I need all of them but I’ve worn them all so they have their own stories. They come in all sorts of colors and this year I’ve only purchased one pair with crosses on them. I have a nice little collection of tights to keep my legs warm this winter and I recently brought them out of hiding this past weekend to not only do just that but to spruce of my outfit. I almost looked like I was in costume for some old movie but that was thanks to my bad hair day that turned into a weekend of hand in my hair syndrome…

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