Today’s Advice!

~December 12, 12~

Hey girls! So first of all happy 12/12/12 day! Ok now to get down to buisness, for today’s advice we wanna focus on friendships. Its very important to have a close bond with your bestie! And we wanna tell you that it is TOTALLY OK TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE BFF!! That means you work well with other people. And remember that everybody has their bad days, and even the closest of besties fight. So here are a few tips to help you females out!
1. Talk it out! Remember that in every arguement there are two sides. consider their side of the story.
2. Cool down! If both of you are really upset, it may be better to talk it over at a different time to avoid saying something you might later regret.
3. Remember ya’ll are Bff’s! This girl has been there with you through thick and thin! Try your best to work it out.
~With love, V&V


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