Today’s Advice!

~December 14, 2012~

Hola chicas! So for today’s advice lets focus on school. I know what ya’ll are already thinking, “school…BLAH!” And believe me I totally understand. But seeing as first semester is coming to a close, (me and the BFF have mid-terms next week, yikes!)  we thought we would give you some tips on how to keep it fresh for part two that’s coming way to fast in January.

1. Be a study buddy! Even though studying for tests and quizzes can seem totally un-cool at times, its important to be prepared. Try making a study sheet, and sit down with a bestie and review together.

2. Be an organized diva! Try keeping a daily planner to remind yourself of any work coming up in your classes.

3. Keep up the good work! Do your best in every class, and  this doesn’t mean your a straight A genius, but your trying your hardest.

~With love, V&V


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