Today’s Advice!!

~January 7, 2013~
Hey Girls! So first of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! We would also like to apologize real quick for not updating our blog over the holiday break. We were both super busy and couldn’t find time to get on and update, so we’re sorry about that. Ok, so now that’s out of the way we can get down to business! So what’s your outlook on the new year? Do you have a resolution, or are you just looking for a fresh start in 2013? Well girlies, its time to let the stress of ’12 go! This is a new year, and a new time to find yourself and what your dreams and aspriations are. So…Shoot For the Stars! You are your own unique person, and there’s nobody else like you. Be the girl you dream of being!
~With Love, V&V


Today’s Advice!

~December 14, 2012~

Hola chicas! So for today’s advice lets focus on school. I know what ya’ll are already thinking, “school…BLAH!” And believe me I totally understand. But seeing as first semester is coming to a close, (me and the BFF have mid-terms next week, yikes!)  we thought we would give you some tips on how to keep it fresh for part two that’s coming way to fast in January.

1. Be a study buddy! Even though studying for tests and quizzes can seem totally un-cool at times, its important to be prepared. Try making a study sheet, and sit down with a bestie and review together.

2. Be an organized diva! Try keeping a daily planner to remind yourself of any work coming up in your classes.

3. Keep up the good work! Do your best in every class, and  this doesn’t mean your a straight A genius, but your trying your hardest.

~With love, V&V

It’s Ipsy Time!

Love the NYX eyeshadow. Super cute!



So I promised myself I wouldn’t go too long without posting my review for Birchbox & Ipsy this month. Last night was all about Birchbox  & now the spotlight goes to Ipsy.

As I’m typing this post, I’m also dealing with a pretty ugly crabby mood. Not my own, oh no, who can be disgruntled surrounded by beauty goodies, not I. The funky mood is that of my beau, someone’s in the middle of household repairs and not the least bit happy about it. I say, either call a professional or stop complaining. He says it’s not that serious & what do I know about bolts, caulking, neoprene washers and all that jazz anyway. Can’t argue there, I couldn’t care less about that stuff but it’s not like he’s chomping at the bits of beauty blogging either…. I digress.. let’s get on with the good stuff, shall we?


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Unrequited Love

Know this feel! LOVE ❤

Pinkteller's tales

ul2He’s in the room! She feels a kind of shiver go through her spine. All around her body this jitter of nervousness. Her stomach gets a bit sick looking at him, she’s been waiting to see his face the entire day. All she can think, feel and do surrounds his aura.

He notices her too, but nonchalantly pretends to be busy with other things. Her sick obsession makes him wonder, why me? Why cant she just be normal around me like she is with other people, for instance the way she is with her friends? I like her as a friend, nothing more. I dont like her the way she likes me, not in the same way because I already have Alisha my childhood sweetheart.

She goes up to him! Her feelings blinders her. “Do you happen to have notes for Doolittle’s class” she asks him! James gives her a…

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Today’s Advice!

~December 12, 12~

Hey girls! So first of all happy 12/12/12 day! Ok now to get down to buisness, for today’s advice we wanna focus on friendships. Its very important to have a close bond with your bestie! And we wanna tell you that it is TOTALLY OK TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE BFF!! That means you work well with other people. And remember that everybody has their bad days, and even the closest of besties fight. So here are a few tips to help you females out!
1. Talk it out! Remember that in every arguement there are two sides. consider their side of the story.
2. Cool down! If both of you are really upset, it may be better to talk it over at a different time to avoid saying something you might later regret.
3. Remember ya’ll are Bff’s! This girl has been there with you through thick and thin! Try your best to work it out.
~With love, V&V

Glitz and Glamour: Holiday Fashion at Its Finest!

We love these dresses!!

Project Motherhood: Diary of a New York City Mama

Dear Diary,

Whether you and your family get dressed up to celebrate the holidays in December, or sport a more relaxed look, it is still tons of fun to go shopping specifically for these events so that we are always dressed in our holiday best. As Mamas, we tend to think about making sure the little ones are camera ready, our husband’s dress shirt is ironed, while putting ourselves last. So, this year I wanted to give you all some fun ideas for pulling together last minute looks as well as some fun party dresses that are on my radar.

Last Minute Holiday Fashion

If you don’t have time to run out and find a whole new holiday dress in the perfect silhouette that suits your figure, that’s totally fine—and understandable! At this time of year we are busy with so much and in charge of remembering to do so many…

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